Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

eight poems

Nolan Bibb

1. Excuse me, spare channels sir?

I just copped this penny. And I was like I begged my ass off for this?!

Oh shiny neat little Penny, you're gonna make my day


la la la

Just know it.

Everybody plays the fool.

la la la

I can't control myself but I can control you.

la la la

You little fucker, you.

la la la

Paint me this paint me that


This is spiritual warfare buckaroo-motherfuc

la la la

Deal with it.

I'll be right there darling!

lala lala la

Our first vacation too sunny Los Angeles, here weeeee come!

la lalala lalalala Boom!

Maybe wearing a different hat this time

2. Jungle Sluts

Who who Ha Ha

I was born with my foot inside my mouth

Not exactly a crossfire hurricane

Does this train go south bound?

I'm southboundsouthbound!

shut up nerd!

Why don't you beat it?!

On the X cargo drums

The Congas don't suit me

The Congress can't shoot me like we shot them dammit I'd like to die.

I'd like to fly fly,

In the sky

"Catch on fire Yesss!

I mean, I actually would like to be caught on videotape caught on fire."

"It just melts."I shrugged as my face winced at the same time..."COT..COT!"

Blurted out from Tarzan as he pointed at the bed.

"Cot on's a different type of cot! It's spelled different *you*idiot!

See that's why I like Netflix -- there's nothing there that could burn.

Conga Chicka Chicka conga Chicka Chicka gun

Bop bopboomboomboom

Awh uh awh uh awh

Shut the T.V. off Tarzan, I'm trying to talk. If you even call this noise music videos! Tarzan frowns, as I turn my radio on...

...(stereo sounds on)

See? Elvis is as Elvis was

always the king

The scene from the ribs of my mothers surf lens me 100 dollars to buy sea foam hot links

3. Gangrene adrenaline

Lollipop, Lollipop

soothe the sores


Of my hurdles

Breaking through the hordes of one's on uptown the oblivion

Haven't you heard? There's a new broadcast of innovation.

A trash n' burn lapse tactic for 1 million lucky winners

As you proceed to alien ate my burns around the ankles

We both mortify what I have become

I have become:

A gangrene Lollipop on adrenaline

But is anyone really surprised?

4. A Brand new Elvis
(Ain't never gonna die)

Holly did not know who And what Henry "darling"

masturbation is the key

To release a dull life.

Poor Henry... His cock was so-so soft and the thought of fucking strange and beautiful women and men torqued his intestines to the left.

Kind of like a leftist that plays with a broken yo-yo he would even veer off a little bit. He knew where to find that.

But it wasn't like that.

He was poor and lazy

Yes he'd be gearin' up for the streets.

He'd be Lazy,Lazy, Lazy;


By a lazy God. And only God can trust Jesus and Jesus only. (According to Henry) And only God can make things happen...

What? Jesus who? No poor man with a beard could ever help him now.

But he still prayed.

Henry never knew why everyone called him "darling."

He certainly would lean on one fuckin' after in'n an after outin' he thought.

And never be as sold as fuck again.

He knew Satan was a waste of time. He knew he didn't have the weakness or the strength or the magic, the courage, the passion or the interest, to learn...He knew he'd jus rather gonna get fucked up then be with the boys then be... With you, I reckon. Her. Him. Self-help hating himself. You! As I hate fuck-hating you to hate me. Awh, Holy horseshit, I just can't figure it out. I gotta hang myself for it.

He-Man he knowed how'd tuh haw haw this'er whoah woe is me that. While other folks be sayin' do "this" do "that."

Fer people that wanted to view heem er hear heem er evenin' touch heem.

Say'n: "don't try and live. But never say die, or: take out'er dine innards from a rotten mule from my daddy who walked off and left us no home with out no horse with.

Well I'll tell you what: That ol' memory ain't never gonna die."

5. (slow down) Mary Mother of God

Jesus, my bearings are shot man.

Shot down.

Slow down, now


Slow, slow, slow...


6. Mr. Larvae'

Crucified! Like Satan never was.

Or will be.

Left, right, straight forward...

To starve'.

Lovely larvae.

A wild dog.

One more shatter.

One more sheek.

One more truth...


(solo) Coke-Light



(fade out) Coke-Zero

7. Dog Boy

Liner triangle don't

Shine, shine.

With it while wondering, of whom may I eat tonight?

"Boys will be dogs"

the bitches heard

round the worlding

say ...

Shut up!

Now I must summon,

You say?

Fuck it. Let's not and say we did, OK?

8. The Loser at Life
The Loser at Death

Form losing its formless.

Loser at Life.

Loser at Death.

Yes, ha! I've known that song.

I'd like to twirl to death in a sun dress in order to die my death correct

But, oh! Will my fossil bring you endless joyas.

Buenas Tardes

Immaculate escapor

Bending to you my oakless vapor

I sing to you!