Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

five from Total Doing That

Thomas Delahaye

Can only be brought forth fatally.

Even walking around is divvy,

cool erstwhile harm.

Holding this page can peter out

better that I can peter it

I wreck complete the modicum fed

of these hent shipments.

It'd control by fiat 'produced stoppage'

in the manner of taut sizers,

what few limits these words are

last exactly this towel.

Why does it end up a hoist

instead the basic assumption it'd not

be left for dead with excellence

High caliber whistling, particularly

not an example of powers

backing the listened acing.

I made sure that my ears were

what 'their faucet journey'

had to say.

I finalized the box.

And so forgot the hopes

it would eventually branch out

into practical dagnab.

Or clockwork lacked involvement

plies of the head.

Tries I fledge leave my site,

ever to exert their precise not

being my attempted hand again.

So they're as bad as they seem,

as live under my cognitive bash.

Some people are just built into

the publicity of birthday,

never again to recur what I am

I'm above all else a sequence

of diners which can be dumped

onto the front profits.

Interpreter of the state of the

situation acts converted to it.

Pretty much is its fifth donkey.

Intervention on the statement

of who's does it is to move.

Mine's the raster dream

of gaunt stagecoaches.

I can't hold a ticket adroit

to relieve the granite, say to peak

instead on the wire gurney,

Hamper to remain their

hopes of classically deciding how

what drove the respectable tap.

Does not achieve this wreck,

nor lets the buttresses rinse while

the entire house is put, I

Said of these delicatessen tries,

To operate such tactics is exactly

the cows upon me, I hope.

Taunts of pasture chronic

must exceed my instructing

the granite urine.

Maimed with mannered commits,

how not hanging onto the irrelevant

rental stone that I can't sleeve into

with the whoppers up to my neck,

this one is except shank greatness

that mounts its tidy impact papers.

No one's the same poor pumper

in the careless stone, so I gave up.

I'm not the happy cone that is

afterwardly developed. Not a slice

surprised by friendlily venerating

epic sportsmanlike terraces, not a

neuted bilater that is given soap.

So I'm lanced without an exit, its

skedaddle is mining the counters

of what the sam hill I'm of export,

then so must incense the bind of a

motel as the character of hope is so

moderate with setty timeout.

Now I must remain functed of life

for the hairs to be were.

And if not explice of mattering

to its hot possession,

incising the porked custody.