Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

two poems

David W. Pritchard

Clearing My Throat

It is appealing to think of watching Steve's poem

reading it underneath in the Youtube field

for description listening to him reading something

else (I was falling asleep) is that really what he does

is he really reading? he calls it that, "perform a reading"

his phrase when we were corresponding regularly

who can really say

Each line drifts closer to an itinerary.

If you said "the theme of this poem is"

would I be impressed? you could switch

around the pronouns and just say

Every day on Instagram I vote

for which shapes of pasta I prefer

instead of reading whatever book

I have open in front of me

who among us can say they're succeeding

in their reading more than me?

who can really say

I make a PDF of Ernesto Cardenal's

Epigramas for Zach after breakfast

and during coffee, an hour later

than when I---no Ernesto Cardenal

myself---allowed myself to be goaded

into an argument by a libertarian

on Facebook I don't know

the stakes were low, the payoff high

he ended up looking at pictures of me

(this also on Facebook) to help him

figure out how best to insult me

he chose my appearance!

which to me registers as a kind of desire

but who can say?

Five different kinds of writing at once

talking makes me angry so I talk,

makes others anxious when I say

Writing a movie in the other room

(piano + horns, no melody) defense

of writing written while talking

talked this writing "talking leaves reading"

still typing (violin and woodwind

still no melody) when I say

The wind is being redirected by the buildings

the buildings are being restructured by the wind

I'm thinking sideways: Shelley

refuses to walk directly into the wind

which is every direction today

Tourist Trap

The subtitles for the film Tourist Trap (1979)

mark each silence with


then the government decided

to build that new highway

he looks like Rutger Hauer

from The Hitcher (1986) with a hat like

John Turturro in The Secret Window

(2004) >>[BLANK_AUDIO]

and we're supposed to believe he's

a law student? with arms like that?

there's a third man

as in Carol Reed's The Third Man (1949)

only no one will be Orson Welles


yesterday was the first day of spring

today it snowed, the phone doesn't work

but neither do I! everything

sharpens as I think about it more

a kind of


(but the subtitles don't indicate the fauna

of the rural US south at night

the swelling of the score to indicate


books keep

piling up on the windowsills

I pile books on the windowsills

which is only an intention to




he should let me go to the city