Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

two from bergsonian on a plate

Trevor Root

year zero: faciality

i. tree: life, roots and crown

motion may be eliminated but its introduction nevertheless

drives the belief that merely

recognizing the program of the unforeseen

makes time useless again.

put yourself at the interval of the interval. divide therefore

your own science and isolate the same.

how can actuality be produced?

the operative cytoplasm, the centrosome

attract too the broken and original forms.

two fresh constructed lines and the least

of these operations attract some sugar, some oil.

being of matter, what is gained is reconstructed

even in its organic and vital activity.

unite and deny to an arrangement

the irreversibility of your ignorance.

we only grow old. our loss is certain.

only the discontinuity of the living is the same.

only the embryo and all its programmed inevitabilities.

ii. fish: richness, the unknown

excrescence. a bud endeavors

to continue the continuous

and we feel like we live. there is no

dazzling prospect, only necessity.

the going from atoms to something to

nothing of calculation.

touch destruction. our evolutionary phenomenon

will not in any way be said

to be progress. all these short intervals

on which we fix our attention

embrace in this same body of the universe.

we form agreed on schemas of this, the entire world

as the result of the mutually produced

authority of experience by which

the vital action, the continuous generation

is falsely implied.

introduction: rhizome

i. flowers: present, creativity

a curve so small it is part

of a tangent, a point

he will consider. that is to say

a number, but only that.

he is always reborn

as if it were nothing more

than inhalation, repetition.

old elements repeat to foretell phenomena

the explanations of which are easier in glass.

that which imparts elements

is that which is meant to say

properly speaking, there is no impartial.

all is viewed from end to end. all is construed

as photographs, as the physiochemical endeavor

to reduce phenomena. we can be

certain of others, like those between

two partitions who would create

little organisms. how

can they actually be produced?

ii. book: secret, unknown

the entire world is the result of mutual biology

of the mathematics of the physics of the mathematics

lost in the mass of some ancient geometry.

reject our radical finalism. the doctrine

of our teleology, of this world

as outward appearance of excrescence.

the buds endeavor to continue the continuous

by which vital action the continuity

of the generated is implied. if we were not to be

of matter what would be gained? nothing

would be past, would be present. we could

imagine ourselves at no point, represented only

by an immense system of simultaneity.

motion could be eliminated, but this introduction

is nevertheless in belief that if necessary

we could turn back from atoms

to nothing.