Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.


Joey Sechrist

Pressed eye to top water glow Current rubs Will starve Pressed only sides heave and mouth tests for floating luck unlikely decapod debris Strain myomeres to catch out of reach Will starve Pebble pinching flesh rubbing raw Flex strain in muscular burn is not movement Mouth gape Stasis kills Will starve Myomere strain Will starve so Strain strain

["Pre mortem stress...did lead to lower quality scores of the fillets as seen in softer texture, increased blood content and gaping"]

No dormancy under strain Myomere melts to Restless rest Vision slows Current rub slows Glow stabs past top water Pebble pinching Will starve under Pelagic stasis blanket

["Midwater trawls have no contact with the seabed. They are occasionally associated with the incidental catch of non-target species (bycatch). MSC certified fisheries take measures to minimise bycatch..."]

Bed pressed Will starve Mouth gape strain burns to restless rest and the World is space blue It is

["Ah, there's the rub....Their muscles relax, their breathing and heart rate slow, they become to some degree immobile and less sensitive to external stimuli....I like to think that once in a while they dream of me....'Nobody would help me and I just kept getting hauled up out of the water and then, from nowhere, there was this big guy, like huge with a beard....I think he was God.'"]

Top glow softens World to depths of space blue Strain settles to warm glaze Mouth gapes in the shoal Delicious detritus Current rubs back to Will starve Strain away blanket back to restless rest We is school We smell ourself We smell like space blue We taste our own We vision each twitch and twitch in turn Home School We It is

["Juvenile herring schools (n = 193) were targeted acoustically and collected with a commercial purse-seine vessel with a 250-m x 34-m or 250- m x 20-m, 150-mm stretch-mesh anchovy seine net or a trawl vessel with a 40-m x 28-m, 150-mm-mesh midwater wing trawl net. Herring \< 250 mm were considered to be nonspawning juveniles less than 3 years old (Stokesbury et al. 2000). Between 15 and 20 fish were randomly chosen from each catch and preserved in a 10% buffered formaldehyde solution for at least 24 hours prior to being transferred to 50% isopropanol for diet analysis."]

Myomere numbed to stasis Flank numbed to pebble Will starve but space blue holds all Tucks us in Space blue rests Us Rests shoal upon detritus Mover is we Muscle melts alone But nothing moves if not together In space blue as it has been As it shall be Current rubs current rubs

I can smell ourself Is unsuspiciously fishy