Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

three poems

Mark Johnson

Also and Too


Leave nothing undone, risk finding yourself

answerable for disorder ! When I say that is being

capacious, like a great river, and say also, or

maybe something like the opposite like

being perceived

minutely as one for whom

food, yes, is pleasant but whose

desire for knowledge

of evil

makes laziness impossible, you

add - we made a deal - Some

find it in music

if they are usually doing it, while

others are liable to seize upon ——

are made happy by mittens

nine out of ten, mittens

and why not, I love mine.

I love mine too.


They say

means of gratification are many

if you’ve been forewarned

every moment past

-keep ’em coming- will

be followed by pain.

“They” is clearly the voice of self-love

of course it is - the light that, climbing

sap-like inside a tree up

to the top seems

valuable, of value, when you

are stationed there, too –

“light,” another name for

that various power whose loss

you were forewarned against.

O sensitive parrot aware you

never encountered language


Does pain affect mind ? Let

a beast look around a

degree of folly

is of trifling consequence except when

supercharged by the misery to which

a beast is exposed acting

on this short life. Then, the folly

does it a wickedness,

there is one emotion. Well

much that is alarming binds us

to this life but also, happily,

rivets, nothing, drunkenness

do too !

A Effort


Why not warn me

I am holding my one fish

tangible reward of thrift

incautiously too near the fire ?

You are thinking you’re young

who doesn’t love a youthful crime

do wrong and return to virtue later

but – you are old, mind wisely gone,

my farmed fish a coal a bit

excited by the injury done it

after death before

dinner. Always die poor !

The glorious view

up here, at last

not a fall risk.


In every classic age

a effort suffices to win

the spoils of sundry triumphs

minus remorse,

a plus. Not now. In

this period THE duty’s been

“research clade

of selves.”

Yet hope applies its own odd force,

doubt whether modern physician…

I will fall from a precipice ?

Anyway, was it ever, when ??

vain to hope one’s tiny, best

failures might be remembered ?

Not even in classic ages !


This lobby seems


place for a horse

to sleep but stay, Sleep ! Mental balance,

horse, is inconsistent with

relief. So I am not

a rider. You are

not weary. Why mercy, then – if mercy we

admit we suffer and our work suffers,

we suffer, our work suffers – and see

every little thwarted thing ride us

out into water…

Deserving Nature


Few arguments

for deserving nature

in its local form surpass

When the day,

hunting approbation, begins

before other days,

I forgive it.




and practiced

gregariousness till

you like your fellow men

as they are – your failure then

complete and final – being

itself puts you within

reach of a muscular,

pleasing failure



Don’t negotiate

it away, glory

in the brand which

marks you for a villain that velocity,

if you

leave every other being unmolested

as during your infancy

well, I have often been amazed at the lack

of bygones - put plainly, of a

past - amongst those who left every

other being unmolested. Not

surviving is

as disgraceful as a nation.

Above, some absurdities

not unlike the beauty of a chin.


Labor to cherish as tender

anything labor

can tenderize ! stuff

preciouser than toast

say, doubt – as for that, act

as if doubt had secured by

indirectly forbidden means

the right to prevent its own destruction.


doubt you’re asleep, that

morning will come, that

it’s come, that it

hasn’t come

for you. Doubt a

statement of purposelessness really a feint

mentioning tender green fields, animals, air, can

repel false honor, bad support,

wrong education, INTERESTED nurture, plus also

the forcible prohibition of discussion

of misery, the object and tendency

of which is to promote