Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

“5 More Notes from Luzira Prison”

Carlos Lara

after David Barasa

The wonder of bromides, starting with your tale, two suns

of protection, the olive branch of pain, the wanted poster

from Bisbee, Arizona, the Arizona of God, if oceans fail

to see that self of remaining, come. I should own her with these 10 things.

Fixation, ukuleles, brake pads, lightning, deep jails, a broad axe,

journeys of terror, a time machine, refusals, imitations,

and eyelids of ideology.

after Tiago Simon Amatry

A sign of the matrimony of silence and fire,

the ancient cutting the hands off

so to speak, the apparent what,

no knowledge of Christianity, there

is violence on the island of life,

I look for its maths in the street; there

Is no experience, no life

after Isaac Zyawe

Apologies for a commingling curse

the parrot of arrested systems, keeping persons

on the ceiling, love coupons of age, another

indifference in stone and combat, I hear

the abusive precipice of an extraterrestrial

running amok, postscript playing loose

and holy, fast, reading terrifies a person

after Isaac Kamara

My head breaks, science in the risible form of consumption and sentience, I’d rather shatter the drinks and wake in mute, virulent merriment, forming a nation of limbic whispering impressions, limbs that, into the thinking night, stop.

after Francisco Nicodemus Obita

Weird Johnny

Moon moon

Rain hypercolour

Tools to use

Pliers in a robin

Ram takes a risk

My destination