Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

two from Mean Body

Kate Robinson Beckwith

Energy: spiral

For awhile my most used word was “unhinged”

but lately

it is “absolutely”

Naughty may

endure but


I feel like a painful boat

Whole body skin cuts

After a little banter and coaxing, I accepted107

Mothers and other unwanted women108

Everything about the act of writing seems to invite abuse –

its solitary nature, its interiority, the misery of sharing yourself


an often-indifferent audience109

It’s off

The beast


Eating breakfast with my partner’s lover

kitchen table polycule111

Texting myself links

to products


One of the issues around here is a failure to acknowledge

that being is becoming112

When you’re taking a risk with a dish you have

to remember how to cook

mean body enters ecosystems

of interaction

we’ve all been welcomed into

bit by bit

I heard parents ordering

children out of strollers with a variant

of “we didn’t come here for nothing.113

Didn’t give you minutes

not even moments114

They live in “Place”115

strange stars

not of this world

or the most familiar one

Other times I would check my messages

in the morning to find a picture

of spilled juice with the caption: “just spilled my juice”116

Every form of energy in this picture is spiral

Breathing in I imagine myself as a flower

Breathing out I release freshness

Breathing in, flower

Breathing out, freshness





Cellular voltage

Scientific and medical studies have proven

nutrition and exercise are both key factors

in optimal health and prevention and recovery from illness,

but there’s another important factor that’s often overlooked:


Think of your body as a cell phone

just as daily use drains this battery

our everyday lives diminish the voltage in our cells

virtually anyone could benefit

from restored cellular voltage

regardless of age or health

The three most important factors in cellular health are

  1. Voltage

  2. Nutrition

  3. And dealing with toxicity

What you’ll find as a common characteristic of all disease is

inadequate cellular voltage118

More than half the country needs to be windmills

Disinfectant ASMR

Breathing in I imagine myself as the sun

Breathing out I release brightness

Breathing in, sun

Breathing out, brightness




**************** 119

What must it be like to be completely satisfied by an image?

Baby cutie pie bro man babe, bruh

Full on bales, bruh

Four bales of hay

doesn’t hate his mother, just hates spending time with her”120

Ahhh that’s sad, bruv, I woulda cut their head off

to be merciful

Don’t get psyched out by futility121

And don’t cry when I’m eating, please


Communist Alexa

redistributing profits

Ethical Trollope

Methodist encampment

Democratizing function

pulls back the curtain of human thought

Imagine my surprise to discover

the line was “imagine my shock”

“Business pastor”

I just find that funny

Evangelical Buddha:

“Eating tortured meat will torture your mental health and soul”

(it will tho)

In glad submission to the elders122



with the madness

I’m in love with

my sadness123

a kind tool

a ton of eggs124

an agential straight-jacket125

How dare I


what I’ve been trained

my whole life to desire

just by living

A great threat to the thread

I’ve passed through a portal

Technically, I knew what was on the other side

nevertheless, she

was blindsided:

mean body has mothering tits

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