Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

six poems

Nora Fulton

Green Humpback Whale

A Kerry, a Verity, a Dusica.

The kind of Kerry you want a Dusica to invoke in you

As if it were a Verity, coming to me unlocked.

Your dream of a dark, negative, fear-based entity.

Unmitigated splendor

It lets Kerry into your life

The Bathing Pools II

Come to let your nausea unlock

The letters you put into Verity,

And stone you put into Dusica,

Unlock them.

In a kingdom of ponies pony is king;

But Kerry is waiting,

Waiting around for you to turn on.

Kerry is waiting around. It’s right now

Two Faces Floating In A Tree Essentially

If you’ve anything to prove

You’ll forget bread

And not recall Dusica.

Kerry will shut the stacks off

Making it colder than ever

Until Dusica freezes by this doming

And you freeze where you stand.

You will freeze where I am,

And where Verity is too,

Or would on that ridgeline

Where I could play the Verity


Hidden Dado

The valley gave

A spaciousness to Sunhe’s wings;

There were no opportunities.

The earth was bounded with seas

As costly as they were sad.

And the spaciousness gave

A valley to Sunhe’s wings.

There were many opportunities.

The earth was unbounded

And there was no price nor lack of joy


We’re off to the side

People walk on Sunhe from above,

Herring pass by Sunhe from below,

They pass below the herring too,

Their footing stabilized

By herring

And their below.

The months can unite a movement

Tower, school and bridge

Sea at the end of rain

Still we’re off to the side


The sea’s doors would stay open

It would be early where Sunhe is

And early where we are.

So we’d be where Sunhe is.

The leg would settle

Between a peppercorn and a rose

We wouldn’t settle any bets

Besides by thimble

Or a railing finger, and to think,

This is something lesser women at times deny

Would you chastise this