Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

“Some Measurements”

Josef Kaplan

Four feet.

Fourteen feet, six inches.

Thirty-six centimeters.

Thirty meters.

Forty centimeters.

Nine-hundred and twenty-six kilometers.

A mile.

A mile and a half.

A mile and three-quarters.

And one quarter.

And twenty-five millimeters.

Twenty-five milliseconds.

Ten minutes.

Nineteen thousand seconds.

Nine times ten half hours.

One hundred and fifty-eight and a half pounds.

Pages and pages.

Stones and stones.

Two stone of wool, wax.

Sugar and salt.

Beef and mutton.

A jug of mutton.

A liter in a big glass vase.

A gallon jug.

65,000 Sky Points.

A pint poured out across two meters.

Two square nautical miles.

Six-thousand, eight-hundred and six square feet.

Eight-hundred thousand gross square feet.

Ninety-five grams.

Within ten square feet.

Within eleven square yards.

Within the eyelid’s dome.

Either twenty or forty feet.

Either one-hundred and two inches or one-hundred and fourteen inches.