Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

four poems

Caleb Beckwith

lots of returning to do

of the process—maybe even
cauterized comfort hard pulls navicular
broken left—this tongue be
my soft spoke contentment
interrupting special economic—wind—lest
forgotten isolation have night water
found its kettle distilled and
vulgar gaps display heard lightning

saying downstream—on top led
pushing to mental blocks—their
document—of being correct now
fully accounted chance respond spurious
to drive scarcer thrown north
darkens institution and back again

the gallons you have lost

off the cusp of meaning
squats wink crepuscular—not quite
broken hands linking—my friends
split home and home away
must have found out working
tensions—in shared docs shaded
by interpersonal slurry—what vaguely
flavor renders must be dissolved

they did the second goat
shrug—at cancelled to kept
pipelines gathering refuge denied eastward
alarm with massive ease taken
thru stoner quantities set below
light mind—for sorry are

collage, to themself

outside notice they verbed each
other’s likeness—with kindness—retreat
into home ownership now various
I called for roosting museum
quality living rooms exchanged—for
love and lightness gone terfy
and dent collecting dust in
sin patina I pity you

am told silly venom was
career ending—and yet lord
smother ompthing declared whole tokens
for all hung on contradictions
ample brow we labor abreast
their feelings—all over me

still magic in this world

similar keystroke made tears lightly
threaded fixture—top morning
meet nth personal grudge balancing
positive—if thorny links aged
thunderously bereft of assets there
are values and which I
do not ascribe good acre
taking most interested to find

perchance a microtransaction turned over
possible my clearly departed bosom
aches for subtle contradiction they
strove fast and sd lest
our friend be taken for
stone cold is shared abundance