Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

“Grass of Parnassus”

Chuck Stebelton

Two Rivers to Ridges to Peninsula, 9/14 - 9/16/2023

Nicholas Gulig: “an amateur looking into the lives and and eyes of pollinators”

Kate Colby: “Not a grass, and it isn’t Greek.”

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Andrena parnassiae, a bee specialized

in Grass of Parnassus. A love, cry relationship.

Fringed gentian blooms in August.

And the Royal fern, found on all seven continents.

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Quarter size sand crater

angle of repose

White pine masts

angle of repose

/ /

Labrador tea. Easier to see

to botanize the text than see

more easily than to see

the ridges than the swales

than the leaves more easily

These wintergreens have berries.

Rhodondendrous labrador tea.

/ /

The pincushion moss set aside

Winter wren swale. Flora:

Serenity ridge.

/ /

And the sulurain

club moss flash bulb


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What three thrushes have you there

what appears whorled is a gaywing.

Polygala paucifolia. Fringed polygala.

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Peninsula State Park
w/ Jordan, 9/16/2023

Kate Colby: “write through it goes the old line”

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We knew

we’d know it

when we saw it.

/ /

Nicolet with his pistols

in his brocade robe. A poseur at the encounter.

What a poser in 400 years.

/ /

Cormorant, cormorant,

coromorants know what they are.

/ / / /

Blue black

Tupelo. Blue

Black tupelo

/ /

Nicolet sat tittivating.

/ / / /

to Milwaukee 10/23/2023

Kate Colby: “Let’s go means toward or away”

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The starlings sample their repertoire

the clear weep and flight calls of thrushes

their passage the night before.

/ /

Noah’s dove flies up

the Ouisconsin

the Milwaukee

Noah’s dove flies

the Fox

the Wolf

up the Rock

/ /

Surrey with the fringe

on top. Half of

Horicon. All the escarpment.

Half of autumn

and all of fall.

Half the peninsula

and all the whitefish

Half the quarterback

temporary like Achilles

and half the wingback

and all of Green Bay.

/ /

Last night at Circle A.

I upload Pathos to the cloud.

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White pine masts

angle of repose

Quarter size sand crater

angle of repose

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