Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

three poems

Oki Sogumi

Shipwrecks on the sphere of imagination

Freehand diagonals on a charcoal sky

Follow a boy in sopping wool knocking on the inn door at the edge of conflict

Your halo-arrow circles and hovers, unsure

who is the main player

Oxblood on cobalt is a signature dish

Squint at the horizon again, a dog harness hanging loosely on the torso

The gritty of chains against scribbles of hair

It’s unclear how anything dries in the forever wet

My face

it’s parts

all over

we are looking through the wet screen and with a flick

the images are swept away

no drier than when they arrived here

I love the charismatic dropout even as I long for massive participation

Where they meet, unbalanced ships lean on each other

First-person pirate perspective thuds to the surface

[distorted wind]

Dots of rough canvas where light pierces the port fog

At night it’s like the grey milk of a bartender’s rag

All reflections a zigzag and the buzz of a murder mosquito in winter

Fangirling in the age of the shattered mind

I draw a <3 where my words used to be

And where many of us walked along a shoreline or its idea

String of cans

(writing through the Me and the Glassbirds album by Heejin Jang)

spider on the factory floor sorting through the hoarder’s attic containers that never made it to the

radio on in a snowstorm and 1st person shooter on an old television big wave coming in

now with inquiry intensity someone’s asking how did you get here the pings of surveillance instead of

hello somewhat crunchy landing of a high-rise stairwell income of a set painter on strike off for a

month of work whirr of core systems old pipes sparks spray auto shop while you hold a bag of Produce

Junction potatoes plucking the grid tines of a shopping cart emptying the last of the boba cup OMing

face down rubber mat slow motion fly zapper shoes in a bouncy castle rattling the differences

between temple bell and train crossing cans rattling down the road afternoon a skateboarder’s

cruise notification hiccups against lug soled sneakers skid lino as the KIA mockingbird alarm staggers

rubbing the edges of a HVAC filter dribbling the balls and the intervals of tunnel lights is interminable

interference is welcome the cold air outside a club re-entry escalator when you try going up and

starlit walls everywhere deep-sea fishing everywhere contact mics stuck in the blankets motor

revving summit     cold face indifferent face unwell heart     slivers flying fish     a mass of people

tapping the bus crushed by the last tree     the whereabouts of an uneasy violin     warehouse

district that moment in Heat (1995) when the cops saw themselves being seen Val Kilmer’s ponytail

car sliding sideways eggs moving off a plate the leaking gutter in gurgle of attached houses boom

bap bibimbap bath time for fisheries   a chirp   in the looming device   warp going back ages that ghost

drag or the largest latte art the sky is ad space swiping everything gets nailed down before the big

suction   the big sitar riff   churn marks to remind players jangle the crab   shell and crescent

we live in present time only some of the time and move shapes around obstructed ducts into exhaust

String of cans

Can floor

Can attic

Can it

Can in

Can person

Can television

Can now

Can asking

Can here

Can instead

Can landing

Can income

Can on

Can month

Can core

Can spray

Can hold

Can junction

Can tines

Can emptying

Can boba

Can rubber

Can zapper

Can castle

Can temple

Can cans

Can afternoon

Can hiccups

Can skid

Can mockingbird

Can edges

Can dribbling

Can intervals

Can interminable

Can cold

Can re-entry

Can going

Can everywhere

Can mics

Can motor

Can indifferent

Can flying

Can people

Can by

Can whereabouts

Can warehouse

Can heat

Can themselves

Can ponytail

Can moving

Can leaking

Can attached

Can bath

Can chirp

Can warp

Can ghost

Can latte

Can ad

Can nailed

Can suction

Can churn

Can jangle

Can crescent

Can time

Can time

Can obstructed