Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

three poems

Ed Steck

Unclassified Poem



Brilliant green incandescent light

3 to 5° - low in the sky

East to West

2 seconds

(Slower than meteor) high speed

Like incandescent light

 level flight

behind mountains on western horizon

6 January 1949, 310, Security Station 101(Patrol 406 passing through 101), Los Alamos, N.M.

Unclassified Poem




San Francisco


26/1500 PST


26/2300 Z





Bright red object the size of a 3-36 a/c

1. Time unknown.

sighted by COC.


A football-sized double-sided mirror hovers over a local well-lit exurban shopping center for four hours.

Standing shoulder-side dark desert highway watching a cigar-shaped craft erratically move across the night sky.

Deep indigo tones awash with orange strands.

Water scrolls a tremolo effect to where.

You watch a red orb blink out over painted hills – each night northside area a new sighting.

Oh – a high-lit, pointy object, flat on top, in commercial airspace between Pittsburgh, PA and Frederick, MD spotted by pilot, on radar an abnegation of data.

Chickens bock from the coop.

Rudder slaps prominent slowwalker lake.

Watching UFO videos in the walk-in freezer.

A three-dimensional shadow cast by an object in the fourth or fifth dimension.

Remote viewing of 3D object blips next to a 3D object cast by clandestine defense contractor extra-sensory simulation research site.

Conclave reflection of silver clouds retract your irises as you focus on the errant orb – a peach left in sunlight.

A saucer disintegrates police cruisers.

Soldiers turned into limestone from saucer ray.

Dry air reptiles molt under active skies.

Barbwire garroting wobbles in soft desert breeze.

Episodic chemical trails crisscross.

A cold, pale voice mimics familiar speech delivery.

Five small orbs buzz domestic passenger airplane – like a frantic nest of sweat flies dying in the fall.

For those who lost, a directory cross-indexing missing persons and rate of reported anomalous encounters in last known whereabouts.

In the Gulf you kick seaweed-entangled seashell cluster balls showering shards and strings of hard and soft nonhuman biologics across the beach.

Off in the corner of a press photo you purchase of the Pacific Northwestern Mycology Primitive Camping
Club a hammer-shaped ATV-sized anomalous floating object casts a shadow on foraging baskets and tents.

Flitting songbirds prance on snowy tree branches.

A hideous, alluring laughter felled you over the hillside; you lifted upside-down.

Electronic pulse emitter radio interference opens gates to supra-dimensional vibrational layers; to talk.

Bio-data disruption via black permanent magic marker set off a federal investigation of a mysterious external disk drive.

Something looking like a modem disappeared fifteen feet above the third-floor balcony of a subtropic condominium carriage house by the county parking lot.

You sit in the media center with six CPUs and a scanner.

You archive classified print-only proprietary department of defense high altitude aerospace simulation experimental anti-gravity aircraft schematics on a ten-yard flatbed.

Ten years before you wrote a book on all-terrain open sky tactical surveillance warfare in closed box operations.

In the Gulf a friend told you he saw a black triangle in a silver sphere, a significant childhood memory.

Sutter held toxin come down over pages.

A series of lights hovered over farmland sixty years before hovering over the parking lot over the farmland.

A fox at the plain crest looks back.

Keeps going into the material obfuscated by an entire solid wall of supportive entities, reported in one of over three million declassified government documents.

Between the silo and the oak tree a remote location was a window for spherical diamond-shaped anomalies, seen by two farmhands.

Outside in the woods as you wander into an open expanse, you encounter an unknown force knocking you knee-to-chest you keel over to protect yourself from a sudden vascular blast as if anti-gravity assuaged an inevitable outcome of your impossible ascent.

Tan bunny hops into the hedge.

Swordfish break waves.

Scorched body with a metallic aphorism deviating from negative space and status.

You heard what happened when you disappeared – a spotty plot track of time starting, actually seeing time starting, formed on copy paper; time retrieved its indicators inside generational loss on illegible scanned declassified documents.

Odd object painted by radar is ornithology research balloon reading predator birds.

Wine jars aflame in the sky in 7 BC.

A flat stone-shaped floating mass cut over a sunset-lit bay.

A flat cone-shaped floating mass sunk into a sunset-lit bay captured on screenshots from a national park live feed stream.

You see a dolphin in a hovering cube.

Flat-billed spoonbills soar in the air over swamp water.

‘Fastwalkers’ and ‘slowwalkers’ references deemed exempt from full disclosure by federal united space force.

Archival hardware data recovery returns eight media files.

Streaming silver salmon shine in anti-gravity hotspot.

Sound sculpts silo-shaped craft soaring sky-high.

A news blip of an anomalous crashed object retrieval program is cited in your article on state-sponsored UFO retrieval covert operations, missing tax records, closed door senate hearings, and spinning discs of brass.

A fleet of orbs dismantle test launched nuclear missiles.

You think about what is inside.

Unidentified submerged electronic surveillance systems for clandestine maritime use buzzed by dolphin pod.

A city block sized craft thrusts its fourth-dimensional distant exhaust glimmer above the ocean.

A pulsating silver sand dollar shaped unidentified submerged object communicates by pulsing light to something beneath the sea.

Documentation of alien bodies has been cataloged.

In a phone booth years ago a toll-free hotline recording played suffocating gasps of a lost cosmonaut.

A state-sized triangle-shaped craft flickers.

One occupant held up a jug.

Regional paranormal newsletter election results on frequency of craft appearance disfavored positions on water UFOs you championed – a bright, silver orb shaped craft hovering over choppy ocean waters shone pulsing light channeling communications to cetacean operated unidentified submerged objects; white light at high speed without maneuvers seen by deep sea divers.

Diamond-shaped craft in triangular formations stay still for seventy-two minutes in the upper stratosphere.

Several bright streaks burned capsized highway tunnel sized canals into the desert before disappearing.

Floppy iris syndrome is a potential hazardous effect to exposure.

Neglected areas attract anomalous phenomena.

A pulsating light flew out of a hole in your arm.

In an implanted dream a pulsating light emanating from an underground desert base obliterated your broken heart in an anti-gravity fiery.

Observed sunrise.

Across the sun you watch objects.

Dark mode hit you after the unidentified flying object visitation experience and accompanying theories materialized post family member death.

To experience the uncanny is to experience near-death.

You read extrasolar planetary systems shared vibrations similar to an electronic transfer received by satellite.

Information on bad aliens relays from your dashboard radio as the windshield waves daytime color in streaks over melodramatic paranormal heartbreak.

At-home reality refuses to stay cool.

You read a generation loss addled historical report on saucers melting rotating gun turrets and detonating anti-tank guided missiles in a fiery exchange with tanks.

Sizzling non-human biologics sighted.

You read alien ghosts will follow witnesses like invisible hitchhikers.

You recall the eeriness of a figure in the backyard at night is like the eeriness of an unknown unknown originating from a lifeform – a subject as primary source, an originator to the mythology fueling your sudden personal dissonance.

Goodnight you say, rare desert rain envelopes you.

In the cool rainy desert night you sat naked raising energy to open doors, corridors, wormholes to – talk to – an interdimensional entity; after believing you failed turning away washed down by cold air your asshole cylindered like a night-blooming flower.

A guest light appears, view of boardwalk.

Aether swirls afternoon sunlight in the kitchen.

Sometimes it is exactly what you think it is.

Proof of anti-gravity tech coverup is the main subject in your barking outburst on how encounters are like being exhaled through a pipe heating invasive non-terrestrial materials to a combustible stagnant between two layers of opposing rapidly vibrating matter.

Confusion is the currency.

Communion is voluntary control of pheromones.

Toad music in contact with human biorhythms.

Toad chorus circles a pond.

Non-human intelligence sources leak classified USO (underwater submerged objects) documents.

Simultaneous events occurring 1,000 miles apart.

Small orb clusters like fish eggs light-sails in commercial airspace, viewed from cockpit.

A symposium on technologically advanced non-human intelligence is conducted at a community college.

$17.8 billion unaccounted tax payer dollars reported.

In the back office, behind the glass reception window, an intercom is muffling shaking tears, an abduction flashback cardiac arrest – dying you said you remember you saw two floating globes in blinding light and a deep, warm, pleasurable searing shock cauterizing your cut scrotum.

A big egg-shaped rock was seen hovering above the alpine lake.

Orb, triangle, other, fireball; diamond, disc, cigar.

On the Pacific horizon a skittering wormhole traveling sideways shaped like a spiky ball.

Colossal vibrating red orb shatters in the night sky over Neolithic gatherers.

59,000 photographs.

Unallocated funds per fiscal year information request lacks citation.

A cloud is stationary – land, sea, or air; sea mammals, boats, turtles, aircraft, ground units, whales, manatees, or other; remote islands, or glaciers.

Collating scanned printouts for document destruction.

You notice ten silverish-yellow crescent moon shaped objects no larger than a hospital shuttle disappear in a ‘sweep-like’ motion.

Cauterized hole is radiation damaged.

Cat sleeps under the chandelier.

Paranormal operations overwhelmingly present in the public sphere: a valley below cornering plateaus’ entire population saw a triangular something in the night sky.

In a land of trout and smoke a bell-shaped craft burns to the ground.