Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.


Kerri Sonnenberg

cycle to the empty stadium

park next to the dead pigeon

then head south

the security guard tells you this is it, climb

two flights of concrete astonishment

all the encompassing gray will allow

the stands and pitch below

you are at the level of sponsorship

forming an inner ring of logos

abrupt exterior becoming interior

with a digital slide show

swag bags and catered nucleus

get into the mind of the expo

make a constituency of each stall


his hearing aid invisible

gives off little particles of alarm

at the mention of nature

he produces a phone

peregrine cam on the bell tower

cliff substitute

tunes in a carnage of stars

remnant iridescence

of the bird meal

too few to amount to

a defensive murmur


laminate sky

hyacinth part ways


substitute representatives

too quiet for the microphone

calculate the feel-good score

behind the photo op

the destination desire montage plays

diamonds angling for a mate

slow mo perfume

studs the air

as if to propose


the scentless dog of the rose


do some species admin

invoice the partnership spiel

tables of strange bedfellows

desiring growth

spy the lesser freebie

the plastic-coated vulgaris

demonstrating green

a case of mimicry

as in the bee orchid

held and holding

the land in its loosest strokes