Trilobite is an arthropodologist's delight:
many bizarre creatures; no two alike.

“field guide to future flora”

Orchid Tierney

 am useless and wet archives		lead surfaces   with grafted stems
   trunks		scions onto rootstock	small dramas of bodies		caught in the trap of
constant observation	promised encounter with incompleteness	permits opening
	     forced attachments with too many questions			what is plant soul
compression of parts into space		a living figure with passive thought		soul means to be
capable     of growth     am capable of growth     am capable of   sugar in the dirt
	am incapable of compassion	am feeling roots and sutures			    what do	    strive
   after    is a constant inseparation    am fingers and unity   can't decide   without exhaustion
   forget this digestion    forget this being in good relation with liens   forgetting implies near-
   thought on death	     am uprooted and neglectful             am dirt to live radial
	   am dishonest enough to live     collective life        what is the point of this adnation